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 Iona Institute welcomes European Court decision on gay adoption

 March 16, 2012The Iona Institute welcomes yesterday’s decision by the European Court of Human Rights that French laws favouring opposite-sex couples in regard to both adoption and access to certain Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) techniques are not in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In the case of GAS et DUBOIS c. France (Requête no 25951/07), the court held, by six votes to one, that there had been no violation of the Convention by the limitation of artificial insemination to heterosexual couples and by the French refusal to allow a woman to adopt her same-sex partner’s child.

In respect of the use of artificial insemination to conceive a child, the court said that the French law restricting this to opposite-sex couples did not breach the Convention because same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are different.

Commenting on the decision, Iona Institute director, David Quinn said: “This is a victory for reason and common sense. The principle of equal treatment says that similar situations should be treated similarly and different situations differently.

 “It is obvious that same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are different in that while the later can provide a child with a mother and father, the former cannot. This is why French law is as it is and our own Government should pay due heed to this when considering similar questions”

 He continued: “However, The Iona Institute would also be of the view that donor eggs and sperm should not be available to any couples as it deliberates severs the tie between a child and at least one of its natural parents and this a violation of the rights of the child”.

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